Do I Need to Move Out During a Roof Replacement in Maryland?

August 22, 2021

A roof replacement in Frederick, MD can be time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of activity happening in your home like work, kids, and pets. You should start preparing for the project as soon as you are aware that it must be done and being prepared can involve a lot of meticulous planning. Just a few things you’ll have to think about will be accommodating the workers, keeping children and pets safe, and making sure the yard is clear for the roofers to do their job.

One of the most important parts of planning for a new roof installation in Frederick County is deciding whether or not you want to be around when the work is being done. While staying back will allow you to pay close attention to the roof repairs and overall work, moving out will help you avoid the chaos and noise that comes with a total roof replacement.

Let’s discuss if you need to move out, where your valuables should be kept, and for how long you need to vacate your house while your roof is being fixed so you can make the best decision for you and your needs.

What Should You Expect During a Total Roof Replacement in Frederick County?

A total roof replacement is a big, complicated job. Depending on the type of roofing being replaced and the slope and size of your roof, the project can last anywhere from one day to over a week. This is why we strongly recommend receiving a free estimate from your local Frederick roofing company so you can prepare for the work.

Overall, Frederick roof replacements can be stressful, with a lot of commotion and noise. Here is exactly what you need to know about a residential roof replacement.

Roof Replacements Can Be Loud - Very Loud

The sounds of a roof replacement can be rather loud, and when you are inside your house, there’s not much you can do about it.

Removing the old roof means that there will be the sound of ripping, tearing, and cutting. There will be banging and pounding as the insulation is removed. If you are working from home, be prepared for some distraction due to the loud noises from the job site. Some recommendations include working in the basement or putting on headphones. Remember that while these may help decrease the noise, you will be living in a construction zone during the project and there will be little you can do to completely stop the noise.

With Maryland Roof Installations, Things Can Get Messy

You can anticipate some mess in your home on the day of the installation. Of course, the roofing company won’t just throw shingles around randomly and leave post-installation clutter. But the demolition and installation process can fill your home and the surrounding area with debris that you will want to watch out for.

That being said, the local Frederick roofing company you hire should be able to keep the area clean. A roof replacement doesn’t have to leave your house in disarray. So, before you hire a roofing company in Frederick County, make sure you learn about their process when it comes to clean up and maintaining the area during work.

Roof Installs Make It Hard to Get Any Space

On the day of the roof replacement, you won’t get any space in the house. So, if you are thinking of getting some work done while the roofing work is on, you won’t have much luck doing it. More importantly, your house will have more than a few outsiders taking care of your roof, which can sometimes feel chaotic or busy.

Therefore, if you are thinking of staying back as your roof gets fixed, make sure you make proper arrangements to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project and give everyone the space they need to complete their work.

What To Do If You Choose to Stay Home During Your New Roof Installation

A roof replacement in Frederick County doesn’t have to take several days. Sometimes, it is even possible to get your job done within a day. So, it is recommended to take a day off to make arrangements to make the job of your roofing contractor easy. Here is everything you need to take care care of if you choose to stay home.

Don’t Let Your Vehicles Hinder the Work

There are several things you can do to help the experienced and licensed roofing company working on your roof replacement: one of them is rearranging your parking. As the work takes place, avoid parking beneath the job site as this will only obstruct their work. This means if your driveway is close by your home, parking on the street is a safe bet so they can get close to the roof and not need to haul materials back and forth.

If possible, park your vehicles in an open space on the other side of the street or use a garage to ensure they are out of the way. Not only does this give the workers more space, it allows them to bring the materials closer and can help speed up the clean-up process.

Evacuate Any Pets Out of the Building

If you decide to stay home during the roof replacement, be sure that any animals are taken away from the job site. The noise can make your pets feel stressed and they may get uncomfortable with the environment.

Besides, you don’t know how your pets would react to strangers in the house. If you haven’t trained them or allowed them to socialize well, they may get scared or even react aggressively. And that’s neither good for your pets’ mental health nor the most ideal way to speed the roof replacement process up. Take care to drop your pets off at a daycare center or with a family friend.

Educate Children on the Dos-and-Don’ts of Moving Around During Roof Repairs in Frederick

Your top concern should be your children’s safety. So, it isn’t the perfect situation for your tots to be running around the house when your roof is being removed or replaced.

Set some ground rules and be sure to tell your kids how important it is to keep away from the job site. Furthermore, let your kids know that if they ever encounter falling debris on the ground, refrain from stepping on it or touching it. Your best bet will be to keep the kids indoors during the work so they are safe. If they are highly sensitive to noise, dropping them with family or friends may be the best bet so they are not stressed out.

Move Your Patio Furniture and Landscaping Out of the Way of the Frederick Roofing Company

As part of the roof replacement process, it is likely that some debris will fall to the ground and cause damage to your home. The good news is that there are ways for you to clean up the mess before it happens.

To avoid cleaning up afterward, you should consider removing any furniture, decorations, or plants from the construction zone. Before the roofers can begin, you must clear the area of any potential hazards or damage. Doing so will not only allow you to minimize risks but also allow the roofers to do their job without worrying about taking care of your belongings. Consider if your grill, patio furniture, or other belongings may be in the way of the drop zone during the work.

So, Should You Move Out During a Roof Installation in Frederick, MD?

If you work with a roofing company in Frederick, it will only take a few days to complete. But it does mean that construction workers are going to be doing all sorts of noisy work around your house and it is possible you could feel uncomfortable with that. If you feel that the distraction will be too much for you and your family, it would be better to stay in a hotel for a day or two. You can always drop by your home to check on the work and stay in touch with the crew. However, you are also more than welcome to stay home, it is entirely up to you!