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We have compiled together some of our most frequently asked questions to better assist you when considering roofing, siding, or gutters project with our expert team.

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In most cases, a roof replacement is the best option. If your roof is approaching or over 10 years old, leaking, or severely damaged, a replacement is a better option. Spot repairs can be completed if there is minor damage or only certain shingles have been damaged.

It is best to have your entire roof replaced if you have a leak. A leak in the roof can be a sign your roof has reached its age limit or the shingles have been extremely damaged or worn down and are not protecting your home. If you have one roof leak, you will probably develop more.
Yes, a new roof can be installed over your old shingle roof, however, there are pros and cons to this option. Only some shingle roofs can have a new roof installed over top, and that is best determined by an inspection from our team. Your roofing options are limited if installing a new roof over an old one, and you run the risk of leaving old damages undiscovered by not removing the old roof.
Some of the roofing options Politz Enterprises provides for residential homes include asphalt shingles, cedar planks, copper, and slate materials. Based on your slope, location, and other factors, we can recommend the best roofing option for you, including energy-efficient options.
Politz Enterprises does provide emergency services. You can reach us at 301-620-2023 or toll free at 1-888-506-4088. It is important we are available for our customers when they need us the most. Contact us for more details if you are facing an emergency situation.
We do offer financing options for your large projects with Politz Enterprises. Reach out to us for a free estimate and we can then breakdown what financing options are available to you based on the overall budget, scope of work, etc.
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What Our Clients Say

“Politz gave me the best price to replace my roof. They were professional and my roof looks great. I did not have any problems from the recent wind storm we had this year. I highly recommend their service. They got the job done in a day or two with the large crew.”
Marcie H.

“I am so happy I went with Politz. Not only did they provide me with the most reasonable quote, they were on time, did the roof in one day and did not try to gouge me like the other Frederick companies did. No add-ons for being higher up and steep angle roof. No surprises whatsoever! I have another roof that will need done soon, and I will for sure come back”
Mike C.

Hope B.

“We are extremely happy with Politz Enterprises. We were under a tight timeline for a roof replacement. Once we were “in the system”, Mr. Politz orchestrated everything perfectly: his team arrived early on the scheduled day, worked efficiently and got the job done. The next day we were able to install solar panels! We highly recommend working with Politz Enterprises.”
Eckhart B.

“Responsive, best price I could find, and excellent work. What more could you ask for?”
Tim B.