How Long Does a Roof Last? 5 Roofing Tips from Silver Spring Roofers

July 5, 2021

How long does a roof last? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. There are many factors that go into how long your roof lasts, including the type of material it’s made out of, the size of your home, the weather in your region, how often you keep up with seasonal roofing maintenance, and the quality of materials used in construction.

In general, shingled asphalt roofs have a lifetime average lasting about 10-15 years before needing a total roof replacement. In this timespan you may require roof repairs or need to call roofers in Frederick, MD to help you maintain your roof to reach its extended lifespan.

Here are some of the factors to consider when evaluating how long your roof may last. If you need more assistance, Silver Spring roofers are only a call away to help you evaluate your roof!

Professional Roofers in Maryland Will Let You Know Roofs Last 10 Years on Average

The number you will hear the most in regards to the question “how long does my roof last” is going to be 10 years. This is because this is the average roof lifespan for asphalt roofing in Silver Spring, MD.

Asphalt roofing and shingle roofing is the most common type of roofing in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic. It is affordable, fairly low maintenance, easy to complete roof repairs on, and the materials are easy to obtain. The color options are numerous to complement almost any home type and these roofing materials can be installed on a variety of roofs, including flat, high pitch, and more.

Asphalt and shingle roofing does lose its integrity over time, which is why it only lasts 10 years on average. This can be shortened, however, if the shingles were improperly installed, you have experienced harsh weather, you don’t complete regular roof maintenance, or you’ve experienced roofing damage.

You can also extend this 10-year lifespan, however, by having annual roof inspections completed by Frederick roofers, clearing debris off your roof, and staying on top of roof repairs.

A Roof's Lifespan is Largely Dependent on How Well It Was Installed and Maintained by Professional Roofers

This is a big one — your roof’s lifespan is dramatically impacted by how well it was installed initially. Professional roofing companies in Frederick go to great lengths to make sure roofs are installed properly and with longevity in mind. This includes the practices of:

  • Purchasing the proper materials and keeping them climate-controlled until installation
  • Using experienced roofers on their crew
  • Having the proper tools on hand
  • Being insured and liable for any issues
  • Offering warranties and insurance in case of damage

If your roof wasn’t installed by reputable Silver Spring roofing contractors, your roof may only have an average lifespan of 5 years, sometimes less. If you don’t know who installed the roof last, it is worth it to look into the history of the home to find out. Here are some red flags that your roof may not have been installed by professional roofers who focused on proper maintenance:

  • The roof was installed by a ‘friend of a friend’
  • The roofing company wasn’t licensed or insured
  • The roof was installed as a DIY project
  • Shingles are peeling or warped after only a few years
  • Leaks or moisture are seeping through the roofing materials
  • The roof looks uneven and untidy when inspected

If Your Roof Has Experienced Extreme Weather You Should Have It Inspected by a Roofing Company in Frederick, MD

Another aspect to consider when evaluating your roof’s lifespan is the weather in your region and the elements surrounding your home. Frederick roofers, for example, are aware that local Maryland roofs take the impact of heavy snowfalls, large hail, intense winds, and extreme storms all throughout the course of a year. This is why seasonal roofing maintenance is so critical, to ensure your roof is still intact and prepared for the next month.

You can estimate your roof’s lifespan based on the weather in your area and the damage your roof has taken from that weather. Ask yourself, have you incurred any of the following due to weather in your area? If so, your roof may have a shortened lifespan or be in need of silver spring roof repair today.

  • Tree branches falling onto your roof
  • Shingles peeling at the edges due to wind
  • Rain water collecting or pooling on areas of your roof
  • Bowing or visible damage occurring from heavy snow or hail
  • Sun damage from exposure to extreme heat with minimal shade

Frederick Roofing Companies Also Consider the Pitch and Size of Your Roof

Your roof’s lifespan may be compromised or extended based on the structure of your home. Low pitch roofs, flat roofs, and steep roofs all have different components that affect how well roofing materials hold up to the weather. You also have to take into account how many levels of roofs you have and how many valleys your roof forms between various pitches.

Silver Spring roofing contractors can help you determine where the weak spots are in your roof and how you combat those for a longer roofing lifespan. This is important to extend your roof’s structure and stability so it protects your home.

The Best Way to Find Out When Your Roof Will Need Replacing is by Contacting Silver Spring, MD Roofing Contractors

No matter how many tips we give you, it’s always impossible to say for sure how long a roof will last without having it inspected by a roofing company in Silver Spring, MD. Each roof and home is different and there are factors that affect a roof that are both seen and hidden. Just because a roof looks okay doesn’t mean there isn’t more going on underneath.

To get a confirmed answer of how long you can expect your roof to last before you need a total roof replacement in Frederick, MD, call your local roof company Politz Enterprises to come out and complete a roof inspection and help you determine what roof maintenance you need to complete today.