When to Use a Roof Rake: Roofing Tips 101

April 4, 2023

Winters can be exciting; with snow everywhere, and an overall festive environment. However, the same snowy winter often leads to one big problem- the accumulation of snow on roofs. Every winter, shoveling off loads of snow from the roof ends up becoming one of the time-consuming and tedious tasks.

It is a known fact that removing the snow from the roof is vital because it can hamper the structural integrity and can cause long-term damage if left for a long period of time. One of the most used tools for removing snow from roofs with ease is a roof rake.

These implements mounted on a long pole can gently push and pull snow off of the roof. It is the perfect invention that helps remove snow without damaging any gutters, shingles, or eaves.

Here’s when a roof rake should be used and some things to keep in mind while using them.

When Should a Roof Rake Be Used?

By ensuring that the roof remains free from excess snow, the longevity of the roof can be increased. These are some common tips to keep in mind when using a roof rake to remove snow from the roof.

1. Getting on the roof

Getting on the ladder to remove snow from the roof or getting up on a slippery roof is a dangerous move during winter. This should be left for professional roofers to take care of.

A roof rake can be used when the snow on the roof is within the reach of the length of the rake. If the snow is beyond the rake’s reach, it is always better to call a professional roofing company for assistance.

2. Clearing snow after every six inches of snowfall

Letting snow build up on the roof is the biggest mistake that can ever be made. Allowing a roof to have more than the recommended amount of snow at once can cause permanent damage to the roof, and it might even have to be replaced. As a rule of thumb, the snow can be cleared after every six inches of snowfall takes place.

3. Avoid using rock salt

Rock salt or ice melt blends shouldn’t be the ideal choice to clear the snow off of the roof. Any ice blend melt or rock salt will consist of salts that can discolor the roof and lead to corroding the roofing nails, leaving stains behind.

4. Removing snow with a snow rake

Using a telescopic roof rake with a handle that extends in length is the best way to remove snow from a roof. The roof rake can be utilized to clear the snow quite easily without endangering one’s safety.

Some Things To Keep in Mind With Roof Rakes

While roof rakes are a safer option to keep a roof clear from snow, there still are several things to keep in mind when using one to clear the roof.

1. Inspect the roof

Before going ahead and using a roof rake, it is better to inspect the roof. Getting a roof inspected by a professional roofer is quite practical before going for a roof rake snow removal.

Looking out for loose shingles, nails or a flashing that’s protruded out can be a telltale sign to get a roof repaired before winter. Hence, using a roof rake carefully while the entire roof is covered in snow is always recommended.

2. Beware of icicles and other objects

Icicles are sharp and can be quite dangerous.

The bigger they are in size, the harder the impact they have when they fall. If there are a lot of ice dams on the roof it is always a good call for professional roofing guys to step in.

3. Falling snow can be dangerous

Falling icicles can be dangerous. There have been many instances where an icicle or snow has damaged a plant or vehicle, or injured a human severely. Hence, while clearing snow off the roof, it should be ensured that there are no pets or humans around the area.

4. Take power lines into consideration

Ignoring power lines when clearing snow using a roof rake can be a huge mistake. It’s easy to lose sight of the power lines nearby when clearing snow using a roof rake. It may also be risky since one may need to be on the ladder, which could act as a conductor for electric current.

However, an aluminum roof rake is equally as dangerous as a ladder when it comes to coming in contact with a power line. Therefore, keeping an eye on the environment around is always better.

Conclusion: Clearing a Roof of Snow in a Right Manner

A roof rake is an amazing DIY tool that has come into the picture in the last few years and has been able to add tremendous value to the lives of people.

While it is an easy-to-use tool, keeping the tips above in mind can always be handy while getting snow cleared off of a roof. A roof rake is made to be utilized when the snow is within the reach of the rake. In cases where a ladder has to be considered to clear the roof of snow, it is always better to ask for a professional snow removal team.

So next time when the winters come, make sure to have either a roof rake handy or the contact information for a roofing company that specializes in the same.