How to Check Your Roof for a Leak

April 23, 2022

To put it simply, roof leaks are a silent killer. Ignore them for a while and they may even take down your house.

Often, the first time we pay attention to a leak is when drops of water fall on the ground & we quickly put a bucket under it to avoid getting the floor wet. The logical step then is to wonder where the leak came from.

There’s a chance that the plumbing right above the leak is damaged, or the leak is in one room while the source is in another. If the leaks are ignored for too long, they can cause mold growth which is harmful to your health. Additionally, if ignored for too long, leaks can create a vulnerable area in your roof and risk the entire structural integrity of the house.

Therefore, it’s your job to locate every leak in the house & fix it as soon as possible. To help you begin with the process, here’s how you can check your roof for a leak.

When you find leaks, contact a local Silver Spring roofing company. Professional roofers can handle repairs and find all of the damage.

Basic Signs of a Roof Leak in Silver Spring

On a Tuesday morning, when you’re getting ready for work, you hear water dripping from the ceiling and conclude that it’s a roof leak. While that’s the most basic sign of a leak, there are many other signs you can locate that indicate the presence of a potential leak.

First and foremost, you should take a walk around the entire house & look for water stains on the ceiling or on walls. Small leaks don’t have much water so all they can manage to do is get the walls wet, but although they possess no immediate damage that’s no reason to ignore them.

Another possible indication of leaks is damp odors. Check if any part of your house smells unpleasant, what you’re looking for is a particularly mushy smell. It’s possible that the leak might not be visible because what’s giving out the smell is the source of the leak, while the actual leak is someplace else. After you catch a smell, mark the spot for future reference.

The third major cause of a leak could be a broken or missing shingle. It’s possible that a heavy rainfall made a branch of a tree fall off on the roof and break a shingle resulting in the water making its way inside the house. A quick inspection of the roof should help you spot the missing shingle easily. Consulting with a local roofing company in Maryland can help determine if there is something you missed.

Roof Leak Tip #1: Inspect Installations

There are multiple installations that run through the roof and the ceiling. First, look for any major plumbing joints and make sure they’re well functioning. Rusty plumbing can lead to leaks in the intersections.

If your attic has a ventilation system, then that could very likely be the cause of a leak. Check whether the air intake fans fitted on the attic & outlet fans on the roof are properly installed and do not leave a place for water leakage. Lastly, hire a professional Silver Spring roofing company to inspect the roof installation and ensure everything is properly sealed.

Roof Leak Tip #2: Check Your Attic

When you go to the attic, be sure to grab a flashlight and place your foot carefully over the joists. One wrong step and you could put a hole through the ceiling.

Once you’re there you should be looking for the basic signs mentioned above- water stains, mold buildup and dark spots on the wood. Use the flashlight to inspect the underside of the roof and look for any vulnerable spots.

Spot any light coming from the roof, look for holes other than the vents & that could possibly indicate the source of your leak. A flashlight should also help you spot and distinguish dark spots, especially rotten wood due to constant exposure to moisture.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Expert roofers offer roofing inspections in Silver Spring to help you find the source of the problem.

Roof Leak Tip #3: Time for a Little Rain

If you live in an area where heavy rains are a constant, then you can use that to your advantage. When it rains, take a stroll around your house and search for leaks, and mark areas that look vulnerable.

If it doesn’t rain very often, you’ll have to do it yourself. Take something to throw water on your roof, such as a garden hose and ask someone to stay inside the house to spot the leaks. Initially drop some water on the vents you thought were the source of leaks & validate your assumption. Further, spray the water all over the roof, gradually moving from one area at a time. This way you will be able to locate the source of your leaks most effectively.

If a particular area is giving you a hard time locating a leak, you can start tearing up a few shingles. Water marks in this case should be helpful to locate the source of the leak. Be careful of any roof work you do and any water you use on your home — you don’t want to create problems where there aren’t any. This is why professional roofers offer annual roof inspections in Silver Spring to check for leaks without damaging the roof installation.

Another reason the leaks could be happening is improperly hammered nails. Although unlikely, the nail could leave a space that allows water to enter the underside of the roof drop by drop. Or due to condensation, where the hot air in the attic meets the cold air outside the roof, water droplets could accumulate on the nails and find their way under the roof. You need to look for all the major nails on the underside of the roof to find a potential leak.

Roof Leak Tip #4: Call the Roofing Professionals in Silver Spring

From finding the leak to fixing it, the job is best left to the roofing professionals. We can often confuse the leak and the source of it and find a temporary solution that creates more problems in the future.

Roofing Professionals have years of experience and will help you not only do the job quickly but also effectively. So if you come across any leaks and want them fixed, don’t hesitate to call your local roofing company in Silver Spring and gift yourself with peace of mind.